Massage 101: Why Massages Matter & the Health Benefits of Massage
Massage 101: Why Massages Matter & the Health Benefits of Massage

Massages are one of the most ancient healing techniques to heal the body from physical illness, relieve stress, and help athletes train and recover. In this guide, learn about the history, healing benefits, and types of massage.

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Blog image lady with hip pain
What Is Your Hip Pain Telling You?

Most of us have chronically tight hips. If you sit for most of your day (desk, car, couch, etc), and/or if you’re an athlete, we’ll bet your hips are often tense - and maybe even painful. Fascia massage is key to the solution.

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Blog image of woman using KOAPRO Original Massage Tool
Let’s Talk About Myofascial Release and It's Wonderful Benefits

Does your body often feel sore or tight? Do the muscles in your legs, back, neck, and shoulders ache after working out or doing hard physical work? We have the perfect solution for you. It’s better than your regular massage—it’s myofascial release.

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Image of man using KOAPRO Original and woman using Gua Sha tool
Recovery Isn’t Only for Athletes. Here’s Why.

Did you know that no matter your level of fitness or how often you train, recovery is essential for your physical and mental wellness and performance. One of the #1 rookie mistakes people make is overtraining and not giving their body the rest and nutrients it needs to r...

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Stressed woman with coffee cup sleeping with face on desk
How to Release Tension, Stress, and Pain

The great news is, you can use these tips and proven methods to release tension, de-stress, and feel better. All of us have the ability to increase our self awareness and develop the skill of choosing how we want to react or respond to stress...

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Woman resting on a mat in the gym with KOAPRO tools
Active vs Passive Recovery? Why You Need Both!

Rest and recovery days don’t mean you have to stay sedentary. Active recovery has proven to be a superior way to help accelerate your body’s natural repair processes and help you see better long-term results. The easiest, best way to relax and rejuvenate your body is wit...

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Woman wrapping holiday gifts.
How to Prioritize Self-Care During the Holidays

Self care isn’t selfish; it’s physical and mental health. The healthier and more grounded you are, the better equipped you are to be there for others.

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Woman who is visibly stressed
Stressed? Here’s How To Disconnect From Chaos & Connect With Yourself

The best stress relief methods are the ones that work best for you. Learning to relax and regain control may be easier said than done, but it’s a practice that’s worth perfecting. Take your time, keep it simple, and stay consistent.

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Man using KOAPRO Gua Sha tool at computer desk
What is Gua Sha & How Does it Work?

Gua Sha is an ancient, Eastern Asian manual therapy that’s used for healing and wellness. This method uses a tool to gently scrape the skin while improving circulation and detoxification. It’s used for fascia and muscle recovery, inflammation, pain, skin health, healing, and w...

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Woman in gym who is tired from jump roping
Recovery: How To Get Stronger, Faster & Better After Each Workout

To get faster, stronger, and more fit, you have to consistently train hard and push your body and mind to do more. Then, you have to rest and recover.

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