Woman resting on a mat in the gym with KOAPRO tools
Active vs Passive Recovery? Why You Need Both!

Rest and recovery days don’t mean you have to stay sedentary. Active recovery has proven to be a superior way to help accelerate your body’s natural repair processes and help you see better long-term results. The easiest, best way to relax and rejuvenate your body is wit...

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Woman wrapping holiday gifts.
How to Prioritize Self-Care During the Holidays

Self care isn’t selfish; it’s physical and mental health. The healthier and more grounded you are, the better equipped you are to be there for others.

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Woman who is visibly stressed
Stressed? Here’s How To Disconnect From Chaos & Connect With Yourself

The best stress relief methods are the ones that work best for you. Learning to relax and regain control may be easier said than done, but it’s a practice that’s worth perfecting. Take your time, keep it simple, and stay consistent.

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Man using KOAPRO Gua Sha tool at computer desk
What is Gua Sha & How Does it Work?

Gua Sha is an ancient, Eastern Asian manual therapy that’s used for healing and wellness. This method uses a tool to gently scrape the skin while improving circulation and detoxification. It’s used for fascia and muscle recovery, inflammation, pain, skin health, healing, and w...

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Woman in gym who is tired from jump roping
Recovery: How To Get Stronger, Faster & Better After Each Workout

To get faster, stronger, and more fit, you have to consistently train hard and push your body and mind to do more. Then, you have to rest and recover.

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Image of circulatory system
How the Circulatory System Affects Your Life

Poor circulation impacts your health, performance, and daily function. Regularly using the KOAPRO Fascia Massage Tools Read more

Man using KOAPRO large massage tool for self massage
How to Use the KOAPRO Fascia Massage Tools: A Step By Step Guide to Easy, at Home Myofascial Release

A KOAPRO Fascia Massage is a relaxing, soothing, self-massage using the patented human touch technology of the KOAPRO Fascia Massage Tools. They’re designed to mimic the hands and elbows of a skilled massage therapist so you can enjoy an anytime, anywhere massage and rel...

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Woman in casual clothing holding coffee cup
Why Self Care Is A Must For Your Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health

There are many forms of self care, and no one-size-fits-all methods. It can be as simple as taking a walk in nature, taking a bath, giving yourself a face massage, or getting quality sleep! What’s important is to prioritize it, do it often, and ...

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Man using KOAPRO Original at the gym on his leg
Fascia: The supporting framework of every part of your body

The fascial system is a web-like network of flexible tissue that supports and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. It's this delicate yet powerful fabric that keeps our bodies in place, without it we couldn't do anything!

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Man getting neck massage
How Myofascial Release Affects Muscle Performance & Recovery

Tight connective tissue - or myofascial tissue - can not only cause tension and discomfort, but it can also inhibit muscle growth, definition, and activation. Additionally, the fascial system also encases blood vessels and nerves. When the myofa...

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