How to Beat Chronic Pain with Fascia Massage. Heal Faster!

Muscle tissues beneath the skin

The connection to pain and your fascia

Have you ever been sore from sitting all day at work? Or experienced tension in one area of your body to find a decreased range of motion in another? Why does your doctor keep prescribing pain pills when it isn't helping? Have you ever thought of why you have the problem in the first place? 

Now you can get the information you need to heal. 

The answer to these chronic-pain questions about your body is your fascia (pronounced fah-sha). The fascia is the soft tissue that connects to your muscles and joints. When fascia is tightly bound, it can be the root cause of most chronic pain issues people have.

How Fascia Affects Your Health

When fascia is too tight, muscles and joints are limited, and such lack of range can cause pain not only in the area of tightness but in other areas of the body connected to that series of tissue. The tissue, muscles, and joints must work together to enable proper bodily function. When fascia, muscles, and joints are restricted, pain results.

Fascia tissue envelopes and connects muscles to help bodies move. When fascia is tight in the back, it can cause sciatic pain down the leg. Restricted fascia in the neck can cause headaches or chronic pain through the shoulders and back. So, you see, your body is an interconnected ecosystem of the fascia. 

It is no wonder that aches and pains often have a root in fascial dysfunction. An issue on one part of the body can cause pain in another part of the body. 

Why pain pills don't work for chronic pain

Over time, prescription pain pills can make cause the pain you experience to increase. That's because your body builds resistance to medicine. Meanwhile, the drugs are not working to help the body improve. 

The pills can numb the pain, but of course, they do not address the real underlying problem. Many doctors have not trained holistically to treat soft tissue pain, and pills are never the answer. 

Increasing your range of motion is the best treatment for your body.

Let's find out how to do that with fascia.

The benefits of fascia tissue massage

Deep tissue fascia massage has extraordinary benefits for your body, releasing tense muscles and tendons. 

The therapeutic value extends to your entire body because of the way it improves your movement. Fascia massage with a fascia massage tool kneading the trigger points, and releasing tight tissue layers is essential to relieving pain issues.

Massages can lead to many benefits, including:

  • stress reduction
  • pain reduction
  • lower blood pressure
  • release of muscle tension
  • injury prevention

KOAPRO Original Fascia Massage Tool

Many professional therapists use KOAPRO to help treat patients and save their cramping fingers.

Use the KOAPRO Original Fascia Massage Tool to help massage out knots in between therapist visits or if there aren't any in your area. KOAPRO fingers mimic therapist fingers and elbows to dig into tight knots to release inflammation.

Hydrate well - properly "oiled" muscles work better

KOAPRO tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water, hydrate frequently. Combine this tool with proper diet and exercise consistently for best and faster results.
  2. Do not press too hard initially, especially for sensitive skin. Work on increasing pressure gradually as your comfort level allows.
  3. Use it dry over smooth, thin clothing or anti-cellulite lotion, massage oil, or pain relief cream on the targeted areas for 2-5 minutes per area. Gradually increase the time as tolerance allows.
  4. Apply pressure, hold, and wiggle the massage fingers deep into the tight muscles to release tension, then massage product side to side or up and down across targeted areas firmly within your comfort level. Use at least once daily. Frequency is subjective based on personal need, preference, and comfort level.
  5. Depending on your stiff muscles' severity, you will need to apply enough pressure to release the tight muscles/adhesions, etc. It does hurt, but the more sessions you work the area, the more the pain often diminishes.


The KOAPRO Original Fascia Massage Tool is an all-in-one fascia massage tool to relax sore muscles, relieve minor pain and tension, and temporarily reduce cellulite appearance. Find out how our patented ergonomic design gives you precise control of pressure and placement by mimicking the fingers and hands to beat chronic pain.