KOAPRO Large Fascia Massage Tool

How to Use image for KOAPRO Large Massage Tool


  • Use on bare skin with massage oil, to reduce friction and improve the gliding motion of the KOAPRO tool; or use over tight clothing. It can be used on most body parts, including feet, back, legs, shoulders, scalp, hands, hips, calves, and shoulders.
  • Start with light up-and-down, side-to-side, and diagonal strokes to "warm up" tissue. You can vary the pressure and intensity, as tolerated.
  • You can gradually add more pressure to promote a deeper massage. Lighten pressure if you are feeling uncomfortable. A typical session includes 20 progressively deeper passes over each muscle group, with about 30 seconds per area.
  • You can use the “fingers” of the tool and the end “thumbs” to apply pressure to relax tension, and the flat edges and handle to smooth over bumpy areas. If a certain spot feels tense, ease into it by massaging all around it and working your way toward the sore area.
  • For deep trigger points, you can press in and apply pressure for about 30 to 90 seconds. 
  • For hard-to-reach areas that might require more pressure, you may also lie on the KOAPRO Fascia Massage Tool, put it against the wall, or use a straight, hard-back chair and lean against it.
  • After loosening up focused areas, lightly rub these spots with your hands to promote faster relief.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your KOAPRO massage to stay well hydrated.
  • For best results, please consult with a trained professional to ensure the tool is properly used to address your specific needs.


Bruising, temporary muscle soreness and swelling may result and should resolve within a few days. Apply gentle pressure to minimize side effects.


  • Do not use:

    • On or over a pregnant belly, scars, open skin lesions, scratches, lymph nodes, or carotid arteries.

    • If you have any history of blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, congestive heart failure, any blood conditions, use of blood thinners, during acute infections, or while receiving cancer treatments.

    • On children, pregnant women, or the elderly. This product is not a toy. If not used properly, it may cause harm.

    • On or near open cuts, lesions, wounds, rashes, or infected areas.

    • After surgery, unless approved by a physician.

This is not an all-inclusive list. When in doubt, please consult with your healthcare professional.

  • Never remove the handles or disassemble the KOAPRO Fascia Massage Tool.

  • KOAPRO wholly disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects and consequences resulting directly or indirectly from the use or misuse of the fascia massage tool.


KOAPRO is made with a high-strength aerospace grade aluminum core, ergonomically-designed soft silicone grip, and massage fingers made of BPA-free German polymers.


The lifespan of the KOAPRO will depend on the amount of usage and regular proper care. 

  • After each use, clean with mild soap and rinse with water. Allow to air dry or pat with a clean towel. 

  • Store in a cool, dry place out of reach by children or pets when not in use.

  • DO NOT use abrasive or chemical cleaners.

  • You may use rubbing alcohol to disinfect surfaces.

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