KOAPRO Gua Sha Fascia Massage Tool

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The fine fingers of the KOAPRO Gua Sha Fascia Massage Tool are designed specifically for the face & head, but can also be used anywhere on the body and in combination with other KOAPRO tools. The curved, beveled handle edges are designed for gua sha fascia massage techniques. We recommend using the tool 2 - 4 times a week for 30 to 90 seconds on each part of your head, neck, or body.

  1. Liberally apply oil to areas on which you will use the device.

  1. If using on the face, rub gua sha handle very gently and slowly in back-and-forth motions. Do not press deeply, rub too hard, or rub in circular motions.

  1. Use evenly on both sides of face to avoid uneven results. Always use tool in front of a mirror to ensure you are using proper techniques.

  1. For Body: Start with light up-and-down, side-to-side, and diagonal strokes to "warm up" tissue. You can vary the pressure and intensity, as tolerated.

  2. You can gradually add more pressure to promote a deeper massage. Lighten pressure if you are feeling uncomfortable. A typical session includes 20 progressively deeper passes over each muscle group, with about 30 seconds per area.

  3. You can use the “fingers” of the tool and the end “thumbs” to apply pressure to relax tension, and the flat edges and handle to smooth over bumpy areas. If a certain spot feels tense, ease into it by massaging all around it and working your way toward the sore area.

  4. For deep trigger points, you can press in and apply pressure for about 30 to 90 seconds. 

  5. For hard-to-reach areas that might require more pressure, you may also lie on the KOAPRO Fascia Massage Tool, put it against the wall, or use a straight, hard-back chair and lean against it.

  6. After loosening up focused areas, lightly rub these spots with your hands to promote faster relief.

  7. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your KOAPRO massage to stay well hydrated.

  8. For best results, please consult with a trained professional to ensure the tool is properly used to address your specific needs.



  1. Wash your face and neck with mild cleanser.

  2. Apply facial moisturizer.

  3. Clean the tool with antibacterial soap after use.


  • Use on or near open cuts, lesions, wounds, rashes, or infected areas.

  • Use directly on the eyelid area. 

  • Rub too hard or press too deeply on any face or neck area to avoid injury or unwanted results.

  • Rub in circular motions.

Experience Deep Relaxation with the KOAPRO Gua Sha Fascia Massage Tool

Indulge in the ultimate self-care experience with the KOAPRO Gua Sha Fascia Massage Tool. Crafted with precision from high-quality stainless steel, this exceptional fascia massage tool is designed to provide you with a deep and revitalizing massage.